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Student Work: Amelia, age 12

Amelia, age 12, produced this amazing writing in our 6-week Fantasy Writing Topic.

In creative writing, one of the biggest challenges is often knowing how to help students get started. Students can be really enthusiastic to write, but the prospect of staring at a blank page can be really daunting for them.

To help overcome this, students were given a rough outline of a fantasy story, (specially written by Tutor Dave), which included a typical narrative arc for a fantasy story, suggestions for common fantasy character types and a range of other fantasy tropes.

The story outline was broken into six sections and students developed and extended the outline of the story over the six tutorials in the topic, completing more in their own time if they wanted to. As you can see from this student’s work, giving a few of the right ideas early on can inspire a huge amount of creative writing!

All students in the class took part, and this is just one of many fantastic examples.

Tutor Dave (MA, PGCE)

This is such a great story, Amelia. Loads of action and fantastic ideas. You have really embraced the fantasy genre, I think! I particularly like the part where you battle the villain for the first time – it’s really descriptive and that makes it feel tense. I do also like how you get revenge on your friends, although it is a little gruesome… even for me! In your next story, see if you can develop more description to go along with all the action. Describing location and atmosphere can really help readers imagine what’s happening in your stories, just as much as describing the action. Great work with this, Amelia – really well done :)”

Feedback from Tutor Dave

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A Fantasy Story

Chapter 1: A Bad Day!

I have just finished English and now I’m in Geography, the worst subject. I hate it. I stare into space most of the lesson, not listening to what the teacher is saying. I start to fall asleep. Then all of a sudden a voice booms around the room. It says “Sit up straight Josie, and don’t dare start falling asleep in my lesson again.” I nod my head shocked to be shouted at. But when I turned around to see everyone staring at me and they were giggling. I felt embarrassed but didn’t show it. 

Then out of the corner of my eye, I caught my friends pointing, sniggering and whispering to each other. I felt a bit hurt but I told myself they were probably just talking about something funny. Then the end of class came and I walked past their desk and I heard them saying “She is such a loser, look at her falling asleep in class, Pathetic!” I ran as fast as I could out of school trying to hide my tears, but then as soon as I left the school grounds, my tears dried up and turned into anger. I was furious at my “Friends.” but instead of doing anything about it I walked home depressed and angry. I wasn’t sure what to do at all. I was lost. As I was walking home, I was furious. It felt like steam was coming out of my ears. As I walked down the street I realised that all the street lights had gone off as I walked underneath them. I was extremely confused, but decided to ignore it.

Finally, when I got home. It felt like I had been walking forever. I threw my school bag on the floor and stormed into the front room. My parents were just standing there talking. I started telling them about my day and how my friends were so mean to me but they didn’t listen, they just started talking over the top of me. I was so furious at them too. Then my mum spoke and said “Oh, you will be fine” I gave her the look and all she did was roll her eyes and start talking again. 

All of a sudden I felt this power come over me, like a lighting strike. The feeling told me to scream as loud as I could so I did. My first scream was small, the walls started shaking and the paintings were falling off them smashing. The power told me to scream louder, so I did this time the walls were still shaking my mum and dad were screaming and grasping their heads. The power was still there. I got angrier and shouted “WHY DON’T YOU EVER LISTEN TO ME.” As I was screaming the whole house shuck and my parents covered their ears and their eyes started to bleed I automatically stopped. I ran out of the house with my shoes on, and just kept running, running and running…

Eventually, I ran out of breath and stopped in a forest, I bent down and sat on a tree stump. I was still trying to figure out what had happened at the house; it was all a mystery to me. I really didn’t know what happened. I had never felt that much power in my LIFE. hearing rustling in the bushes, I stood up slowly backing away from the tree stump, trying to figure out an escape but just as I was about to run. A massive dog thing came out of the bushes in front of me. I felt the same power come over me again but when I looked back up at the dog thing it was no longer a dog it was a human. Without even thinking I said the word “Incendia” and my hands shot forward and the human set on fire. I started screaming like I did back at the house. The human covered their ears and was spinning their head around in the air. Then all of a sudden they fell to the ground all burnt and blood coming out of their eyes, ears, nose and mouth. I ran over to the body but they were dead. I could still feel the power in me and then the bushes around me set on fire and I was stuck in a ring of fire, trying to figure out how I knew the word “Incendia”…

Chapter 2: A Different World.

I was still thinking when the fire started spreading out deeper into the forest around me. I didn’t know what to do. The power within me had stopped; it seemed like I didn’t have powers anymore. So all I did instead was scream “PLEASE STOP SPREADING YOUR GOING TO KILL PEOPLE PLEASE” I broke down into tears but then all of a sudden I heard a noise a portal type noise I looked up to see a furry yellow creature standing up of the floor brushing itself down. I stared at it in shock, standing up myself, I was stuck for words until I sputtered out “Can you talk?” I didn’t get a reply till a couple of minutes later the fluffy creature histed “Yes I can.” I jumped at the sound of its voice. It was crocky, hisy and loud. I didn’t know what to say back but then it started talking again.

“You have passed the test!”

“What do you mean test?” I replied confused.

“You heard what I said that was a test”

“So that wolf human thing was a test? You put me all through that for a test” I said annoyed. 

“Well yes but I didn’t personally, Anyway now you have shown you are worthy you have to come with me to my world”

“What do you mean your world? Is it like a different universe or some sort of mythical place?” I replied questionably.

“You belong in my world, full of witchcraft, mystery and mayhem” it said confidently.

“But I have lived here my whole life and why do you need me so much?” I replied with a question again.

“You are meant to live in our world in New Orleans, America, and we need you because you have 3000 magic, you’re the strongest witch that has ever lived!”

I find it hard to respond, so instead the furry thing continues.

“New Orleans need you because we need you to help fight the vampires and wolves”

Still shocked because of all the info getting thrown at me I don’t say anything. Were left in silence for 2 minutes flat until I said.

“Don’t you have someone that can help instead of me because surely there has got to be someone?” 


I stop for a second and zone out quing into my head. I listen to the voices in my head saying “DON’T LISTEN TO THE FLUFFY CREATURE IT’S TRICKING YOUUUUUUU!” I begin to thing if my head is telling the truth and if it was whose side am I on but my thinking was broken by the creature It says;

“New Orleans really needs you to fight with us and also to Answer your question. We do have someone nearly as powerful as you.”

“What is its name and what creature is she?” I asked questionably.

“IT A HER and she is a Tribrid and her names hope”

“So why do you need me if you have The Tribrid?”

I stay silent….

The voices in my head were screaming at me now, I covered my ears as if they were attacking me. They said “DON’T LISTEN TO IT, IT’S LYING TO YOU, THEY WANT TO USE YOU AS A WEAPON!” I had, had enough by this point and I shouted at the fluffy creature “I AM NOT GOING WITH YOU” 

The creature got angry and grabbed my arm. It started dragging me towards the portal saying “YOU WILL COME WITH ME.” I tried my best to stand my ground but the creature was too strong. All I could do was scream “LET GO OF ME, I WON’T LET YOU TAKE ME!”

My screams didn’t help the creature just kept pulling me. I went silent for a moment because I felt the power again I tuned into my mind I heard a spell get spoken so I shouted it out loud “Delfen da ossox” my left arm lifted up and I started floating the fluffy creatures head flew off it’s shoulders and the other half of its body got sucked back into the portal and something else came flying out of it with a dog figure and then it disappeared. I then felt really tired and I fell to the ground hitting it hard becoming unconscious and after that all I heard were the voices saying “THEY WILL RETURN BEWARE” I then fell into deep sleep….

Chapter 3: The scary dream about the future.

When I woke up, I stood up slowly with my legs acting like jelly and my head felt like it was being pounded on, but when I looked up I was outside my school. I was very confused. I had fallen asleep in the woods, after killing the fluffy creature. I started walking up to the school a bit unsteady and when I walked through the door it looked like the school, I don’t know why but I thought it would look different. Walking through the corridor I came across my “friends” . I walked up to them calmly and they welcomed me like nothing happened.  I was shocked but didn’t say anything about it in case they then turned on me. We chatted for a while then we had to go to class nothing much happened except the urge to set fire to my friends but I made it through the day, then it came to going home time.

I walked up to my friends to say goodbye and see them tomorrow but I heard them saying “I can’t believe she was so chill, I thought she would get angry or hit one of us” another one said “She is such a rat she definitely has problems like mager ones.” The last sentence they said pushed me over the edge. I closed my eyes and when I opened them back up, my friends started screaming “WHY ARE HER EYES BLACK AND WHY IS SHE WEARING A RED AND BLACK DRESS” I smiled and tilted my head to one side, I look down at myself and said “Don’t you like my new outfit it’s different isn’t it” silence fills the room. One of my friends started trying to leave the school by going around me carefully. I spun round and threw my arms forward saying “Vis se portus” the doors to the school flew shut. I turned back around saying “well that’s better now isn’t it. NO ONE LEAVES.” My friends started cowering behind each other. I started walking towards them saying “That’s not going to save you, sillys” I laughed at their stupidity. I clicked my finger and said “Incendia” I pointed my finger at them and fire flew out of it setting them ablaze. Everyone else who was still in the school was petrified, them being scared made me happy. I started walking towards the door. I said “ignis probationem” waving my hands down my dress. I flicked my hair and shouted “SCHOLA” school I went tumbling to the ground. Eyes closed and in total darkness I heard a voice boom saying “IF YOU DON’T CONTROL YOUR POWER THAT IS WHAT WILL BECOME OF YOU” INCENDUNT” I walked out the school with fire blazing behind me, as soon as I exited the that’s when I realised it was a dream…

Chapter 4: The Mentor.

I shot up and petrified the trees going everywhere but then I , Lifting myself up with magic, flew across the ground and went straight into a tree, I then calmed down. but It really hurt. I stood up brushing myself off because I was covered in leaves, I stood there thinking about what happened yesterday. I was still mind boggled and I had to process it alone because If I went around telling people I had powers they would think I was crazy and I can’t go back to my parents because I am not sure if they are even alive after what had happened which meant I had no were to go at all. As I was still thinking I heard rustling in the bushes behind me I spun round nearly falling over my feet because of how fast I did it. I started looking more deeply at the bushes and a dog-like thing came out of them. I started walking backwards looking for an exit as I went. Staring at the dog I realise that It has pearly white fur and the same shape as the other dog I killed. I still felt so guilty. Then the silence broke and something spoke to me saying “Hello Josie, I am here to help you control your powers. I also am here to help you to stay on the good path and not vear into the dark like many others have before you. I can tell you are a good person.” It said kindly, I was very confused. I was trying to figure out if the dog had just spoken to me or it was my head. The dog then spoke kindly saying “If you’re confused it’s me talking to you the dog.” well I have figured that mystery out then haven’t I. I began to speak “What are you, what’s your name and where are you from?” I said curiously,

“I am a werewitch, my name is Freya and I am from New Orleans.”

“Wait but the other creature was from New Orleans too and it was possibly evil.” I said questionaly.

“Yes it was, I am from a New part of New Orleans. I am on the good side with the werewolves and the vampires even though I am a witch wolf but I left the witches because they tried using me and my sister as weapons.” 

“Who’s your sister?” I said gently,

“My sister is one of the Tribrids to ever live. Her name is Hope but she didn’t escape with me  after she turned because she turned her humanity off so she stayed with the bad side and she is now their only weapon.”

“The fluffy creature mentioned a Tribrid to me called hope. What do you mean one of the Tribrids is there another?” I said questionably.

“There will be another Tribrid but they would have to turn.”

“Who’s the other Tribrid?” 

“I am but I don’t ever want to become one because I have seen how it ruined my sister so I am staying a werewitch.”
“Oh, okay.” That was some shocking news here.

“Anyway I wanted to tell you that you have passed the test.”

“What test”

“You said no to the other creature, and I saw how you fought, I can see that you have potential in you and I have been waiting for someone like you, I was watching you from the otherside of the portal and I jumped through when I saw you kill the creature. The other person that appeared was evil it was trying to get you to become a weapon to fight me and my people, it was saying we were the bad guys and they were good but actually it’s the other way around” 

I was lost for words. She was throwing so much information at me and she kept going on.

“Do you want me to teach you how to control your power so you may help me and people defeat the villains but it’s okay if you don’t want to?”

I think about Freya’s offer and I wondered if she was lying like the villain but she seemed to nice to be the villain and also I could really do with been taught how to control my power because I don’t want to end up like my dream said I would, So after a long though and mixed decision I say “Yes I would love to come with you as long as you tell me what a werewitch is” “Deal made, come on it’s time to go they will be expecting me and you any minute now.” Freya leads me through the bushes to a portal..

Chapter 5: The Encounter.

I walked into the compound all happy and proud of myself because finally after 5 month I was in control of my powers. I was welcomed with open arms and everyone was crowding around me saying “Why don’t you show us some of your new powers” I agreed after a while and I closed my eyes and said “Homines missi tum ad areæ” Everyone floated very high and then I carefully sent them back down to the floor, I felt very tired after that, it took a lot of power because I had to concentrate so much. I then went to go talk to Freya I said “Hi Freya, I am going to be now I am really tired.”

She replied “Okay, that’s fine, see you in the morning.” I left walking slowly, wondering to myself. 

In the morning I woke up and went down for breakfast that is when Freya slowly walked over to me and said “I have some bad news”

I was shocked I replied  “What do you mean, what’s wrong” 

“You have to go into the enchanted forest and deffet 3 different creatures with your powers and then you can emerge on the other side of the forest” 

“mhm, do I really have to go I mean haven’t I shown you enough?”

“No I am sorry but it’s not my rule every warrior has to pass this test or they will be thrown


“Okay…. Then I will do it” I sighed.

Heading into the forest I clutch my arms really nervous about what was about to happen, I stood there for 5 to 10 minutes waiting for something to happen. I was so paranoid I kept spinning round in circles every time I heard a little rustle. I start walking into the forest and as I get deeper in nothing happens. I was very confused. I knew something was really wrong, I started to turn back when.. I came across a bush-like door. I thought yes that’s what I was supposed to be looking for a door the fights threw there. I shuffled threw and when I actually looked around me I saw THE VILLAIN. I spun round and tried to go back through the bush door but I walked into a barrier falling backwards. The villain burst out laughing, that made me very angry. I stood up throwing my hand forward shouting “IGNIS” a fire ball flew out of my hand and a water ball flew out of the villains. Both of the balls met fighting each other but the water won. It came flying towards me. I threw myself on the floor and rolled out of the way. The villain shot a line of fire at me and I healed it with my hand and forced it back towards the villain. It doges and then sets a tree behind it on fire. I didn’t know what to do anymore. I had plenty of spells but they had all gone out of my head. I thought really hard but nothing came. All I could do was defend myself.  Then I had a light bulb. I lifted my arms up and screamed once it set the trees on fire around us. I screamed ago and sucked up all the fire from the trees. I screamed again a long one this time and the villain floated up into the air. As I screamed, the fire I collected came out of my mouth going straight towards the villain. I floated with the villain but after I stopped screaming I fell to the floor exhausted with black  marks coming up my face. All the villain did was stand back up and shouted “IS THAT THE BEST YOU GOT” I closed my eyes tilting my head to the side Until…. I heard a voice I recognised it was Freya’s she had come to save me. 

I opened my eyes to see her standing in the middle of the bubble. She shouted “EXTERNAL CANADAS” , a massive blue beam shouting out from her sending me and the villain flying backwards hitting the barrier around us. I tried rolling over to move away from the barrier but all my bones ached. I couldn’t move, Freya came rushing over to me picking me up in her arms. She spoke softly to me and said “If I die I want you to promise you will help my people deffete the Villain, and you need to destroy its main power sauce, Kill my sister use red oak ash and stab it in her heart I have left a map to the tree under my bed go there as soon as you escape and also you need to burn the witches with the power that killing my sister will relash you need to consume it but be careful It may consume you. Burning them is the only way to get rid of them.” 

I was shocked, all I could say was “Why are you telling me this?” 

She didn’t have time to respond because her sister Hope came up behind her at full speed. She said “Hello sister, Goodbye sister” and ripped her heart out. I fell to the ground tumbling out of Freya’s arms. I looked over to Freya’s body and lifted myself up with the strength I had gained whilst Freya was talking to me and stumbled over to her body. As I held her in my arms I cried and then all of a sudden her body turned into ash and blew away in the wind. I was angry. Standing up, I watched Hope speed over to the Villain and pick him up in her arms like Freya did to me I whipped the tears away from my eyes and shouted “WE WILL WIN THIS WAR AND YOU AND YOUR TEAMMATES WILL BE DEAD, YOU HERE ME THEY WILL BE DEAD, YOU WILL BE DEAD.” 

Hope replied shouting back “WE WILL SEE ABOUT THAT” and sped off through a gap in the bubble with the Villain in her arms. 

Leaving the bubble, I went back to the compound with tears dropping down my face as I went and as I entered I told them the bad news..

Chapter 6: The secret!

After I told the people in the compound what happened to Freya they all cried and hugged me. I felt guilty for some reason like it was my fault she had died. I thought to myself maybe if I can defeat the villain it will avenge her. With this thought still spinning around my head I went to my room and packed my things I thought I might need. Then I had to go to Freya’s room to try and find the map to this tree called ‘Red oak tree’. I rummaged through her bedroom until I came across a very small box under her bed. I opened it and I found a little rolled up map with the coordinates of ‘The red oak tree.’ I left her room and set off on my journey out of the compound with my head held high. I couldn’t get out of my mind what Freya had said, I kept looking at the map. My first destination was the whitchery, I went and got some frog bones they skunk really badly, I put them in 1 of my pots I had brought with me. 

My next stop was the dark forest. I was so scared to enter it, I had heard some really terrible stuff about it. I sneaked in hoping no monster would come after me but low and behold 10 minutes in I came across a forest leopard. It ran at me with full pealt I pulled out my hand and said “Ventus!” The leopard flew back again and hit one of the trees, snapping one of the branches. The branch landed on the leopard, I felt very bad that I had just killed a leopard but I had to keep going. Listening carefully, I heard a growling noise in my ears. Turning around slowly, slobber came dribbling down my face. I was disgusted. Looking up I saw a 6 headed dog. I spun around and started running, but this was a game to the dog. It started running after me, but it all felt like slow motion to me like time had started slowing down. Then time speed up, the dog scratched my left arm, I went tumbling to the ground, rolling around clenching my arm. The dog started running at me again. I shouted “praesidium bulla” . The dog ran into the protection bubble around me and fell to the floor with a massive thud. I knew it wasn’t dead but I couldn’t risk staying around any longer, I started running trying to find the end of the forest. I was running around for over 20 minutes until I found a clearing in the forest. I touched my change and ran for it. Once I got out, my left arm was healed. I had no idea why though, I stepped back in my arm and started bleeding again, I stepped out, it stopped and healed. I was extremely confused, so I decided to continue on. 

I saw the Tree in the distance but It was surrounded by guards. My last fight I had to use magic. I got over to them, they were all witches obviously I threw everything I had at them. It took ages to get through them all; they just kept reappearing. I finally got through them all and walked towards the tree. Once I got there I muttered under my breath “Incendia” The tree set alight and turned to ash. I collected the ash in a little pot I had found in my room. As I started walking away I heard rustling in the bushes so I stayed close to the ground and made the powerful weapon right then and there I muttered “Forma pugionem” pot and frog bones started flottin and created a dagger. I grasped it in my hand and stood up. Hope came flying out of the bushes heading straight for me. She came and tried to rip my heart out. I spun out of the way and struck her in the heart with the dagger. She fell to the ground and I flew backwards. Stuck to the ground I couldn’t move b;ack, smoke was coming out of hope into me. Once the black smoke had stopped I could move again. I stood up and so did hope. Hope shouted “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE” I didn’t have an Idea about what had just happened. She tried to speed up to me but she could only run like a human and that’s when I released Freya was wrong it didn’t kill hope it turned her human. I was shocked and when I looked at my magic metre I had 10,000 magic. I was the most powerful witch that had ever lived. I started walking away from the dagger my magic drained nearly my whole body did to. I crawled back to the dagger and I was filled again and so did my magic metre. That when I became horrified the dagger was now the only thing keeping alive if I went a certain amount of metres away from it. It would kill me. I picked it up and started walking home avoiding the dark forest at all costs…

Chapter 7: The Final Battle.

When I returned home I ran in to tell my people the good news but when I entered I saw the compound had been destroyed. My people were all over the floor dead I must say and the Villains underlings were there standing around laughing together and chatting. I clenched my chest, I stepped to the side out of the way so the villain’s underlings didn’t see me. That’s when I broke down, all my people were dead. I was left alone once again but that’s when my pain turned into strength. I was so angry I walked into the compound I said “YOU WILL REGRET DOING THAT!” I lifted my hands up in the air and clicked them mutterling “Invisique” I turned invisible and walked towards the villains underlings and through my hands forward whispering “Vola ergo mori” They floated in the air and dropped to the floor dead I checked my power metre and it was at 8,000 I was running low ish I went to go to my room but it was destroyed too at this point. I felt my heart thumping very, very loudly and that’s when I felt a flush of anger hit me in the face. I waited in the compound for an hour or two hoping the Villain would stop being a wuse and come out and fight he didn’t. I decided it was going to be on my terms now I stormed out. The whole time I was storming around and waiting around the song ‘Run boy Run’ was going around my head. I said “proferet portal” I jumped through the portal and landed at the otherside in a classic superhero stance and started walking towards the villain’s fortress In slow motion. As I started to enter the fortrose I checked my metre and it was at 12,000 I was very confused. I only used to have 10,000. I looked past the metre and realised there were black veins all up my arms and I was in a black dress. My nightmare had come true. I kept walking through the walls into the fortress and as I stood in the middle an electric bolt stuck me in my back. I stood back up to see the villain stood behind me dressed in all black he looked a bit like a dark blob. I struck him back quickly. He stood back up a lot slower than I did. I tried striking him again but I was too slow. He hit me with a big beam of water. Spinning in the air, I land on the floor with a massive thud. I could feel the rage building up inside me, I get up and stood my ground. I through my hand forward holding fire in my hand, I forced my hand forward as It fell towards the villain it set him ear on fire. I bursted out laughing as the villain was hitting himself viciously. Then something I was not expecting happened I started floating but I was not doing it myself, I turned my head and saw a coven of witches holding their hands in the air, I was so shocked. Then all of a sudden they dropped me. Catching myself before I hit the floor I got so angry, I lift my hands in the air and swap them around muttering under my breath “rapit speculum e fenestra” all the glass from the windows around me gathered and formed a circle around me i shouted “Explodere levi” The glass shot out from around me sent it flying everywhere and a massive blinding light same from me. All I heard was screaming coming from around me. I had killed nearly every witch/wizard in the fortruss. I felt a tad bit faint but kept stumbling through the glass all over the floor and removed the hood of the villain and the most shocking thing about it was the villain was a human/chipmunk with magical abilities. I stood back up and started walking out of the fortruss in slow motion and I said  “ignis probationem” just like in my dream. I strutted out and leapt into the portal…

As I landed back on the other side of the portal back in the compound I could see the destruction that my power had made in the distance I was scared of myself.  I decided that the only thing I could do was put the object away forever maybe. Before I head back to my original world I decide to spend my last hours in the compound trying to search for a spell to put all of my power back into the dagger. Then all of a sudden I found out that the spell was “Magia in pugionem” . I decided to keep the spell in my mind but not use it yet because I had something to do before I put my magic away. When I got back to the real world through my portal I sealed it up by saying “signare foraminis” as I started walking away I heard rustling in the bushes but decided to ignore it because there was nothing to worry about anymore I didn’t think. I walked home and when I got home my mum and dad were still lying there on the floor still exactly like when I had left. That’s when I realised time hadn’t moved since I had left. I lifted my parents up and placed them on the couch. I said to them “obliviscere omnia” I made them forget what had happened so when they woke up the next morning they would only remember my coming home and going to bed. 

The next morning, I woke up and packed my things to go to school, Including the dagger. I ended up at school and saw my ‘Friends’ . I Walked up to them and started talking to them. They kept glaring at me and sniguring I had had enough of them. So I said to them “Follow me I have something to show you” They followed me outside I muttered under my breath “quattuor homines Invisble” We all went invisible but they didn’t notice, because there daft. One of my ‘Friends’ said “What are we looking at” I signed and whispered “profer IIT” I brought my dark side forward because what I was about to do needed a lot of power. I started lifting my hand up carefully as it was twitching. I said as quietly as possible “Decacare et supernatet” They all started floating in the air. They all said at the same time  “What are you doing to use Josie?” I didn’t respond because I was concentrating. I forced my hand forward with such speed and their necks left their bodys. I smiled pleased with myself, I then let them float there with no head. I Then got some of their blood and wrote across the top of the school wall It said “Fake friends, deserve what they get when Karma bites them in the backside.” I made them uninvisible and walked behind the back of the school. I was now ready to put my magic away. I held the dagger in one hand and I was ready to do the spell, chanting “Magia tergum pugione” black smoke started coming out of me and gathering into the dagger. Then all of a sudden some kicked me,  I fell to the floor, dagger dropping out my hand landing into the grass. I turned to get up but when I looked over where the dagger had fallen out of my hand, Hope was there, I shouted “No” but I was too slow. She took the dagger and ran. In a way I was happy that she had taken it, I could live a normal life but It meant I could never get back to my real home ever again. I stood up and walked home in the middle of the day, and when I got home I started searching on how to find someone without magic I tried for ages.

Chapter 8: 10 years later.

After 10 years I gave up looking for Hope because whenever I got close to finding her she seemed to disappear off the face of the earth. So now I am still in school and I am filling out the rest of my life as a normal human but I can still feel a whole in my heart for the people that have died and my real home. I will always feel hurt but I have managed to get through it and have made real good friends but I will never really stop looking for my magic because it’s a part of me that I have lost.