Term 2: The Woman in Black (Group 2)


Term Two – 6 tutorials

Middle KS3 Reading

Group 2: Wednesdays

11:00-11:50 UK time

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Reading Course Term 2: The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black. The quintessential ghost story. What would the run up to Halloween be without a spooky story to dive into? We explore how the writer uses language and structure to create a sense of foreboding, to foreshadow events and to create truly terrifying moments in this gripping and ghoulish novel.

Students will be expected to read the majority of the novel outside of tutorials and be ready to discuss and write about the reading they have done. Students will receive live feedback on written work during tutorials.

  • Tutorials – The tutorials are a blend of the tutor reading aloud, discussions about the novel and written work
  • Reading requirements – Students do not need to read the novel before the lessons. However, students will need to do some reading outside of tutorials during the term. Purchasing the novel is recommended. You can find copies in our bookshop
  • Feedback and support – Students will receive live feedback on written work during tutorials using Google Classrooms. It is useful to have a Google account that they can use for this purpose
  • Homework – Optional homework opportunities provided.