Tutor Led Learning: Keeping young people safe

Our beliefs:

Children and young people should never experience abuse of any kind. We have a responsibility to promote the welfare of all children and young people, to keep them safe and to work in a way that protects them.

The welfare of children is the most important part of what we do. We want to work in partnership with parents, carers and guardians to promote young people’s welfare. All children, no matter who they are, have an equal right to protection from harm and we take our responsibility towards them seriously. There may be cases where some young people are particularly vulnerable and we know that extra safeguards may be needed to protect them.

Our responsibilities:

Because the welfare of young people is our priority, we want to do everything we can to ensure their safety. In the course of working with young people, there may be times when students disclose information to an adult that suggests that an intervention from an appropriate authority may be required. In some of these cases, the child may be at risk of harm from the people they live with. In cases such as these, please be aware that Tutor Led Learning will refer the disclosure to the appropriate authority without necessarily informing parents, carers or guardians.

Our policies:

The following policies detail our approach to ensuring the young people with whom we work are protected from harm and that their welfare is always our first consideration.

Sources of support