Term 1: Dracula (Group 2)


  • Term One – 6 tutorials
  • Upper KS3 Reading
  • Group 2: Wednesdays
  • 13:00-13:50 UK time

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Reading Course Term 1: Dracula (abridged version)

Building on the requirement to study pre-1900s literature (as per the National Curriculum), we begin our Upper Reading course with the seminal vampire novel written in epistolary form by Bram Stoker. Exploring the complex language and structure allows us to uncover key gothic themes such as madness, isolation, and the supernatural.

Students will need to read the majority of the novel outside of tutorials and be ready to discuss and write about the novel in our sessions. Tutorials will involve direct teaching, group discussion and individual work with live feedback. Students may use an abridged copy of the novel if they would like to.

  • Tutorials – The tutorials are a blend of the tutor reading aloud, discussions about the novel and written work
  • Reading requirements – Students do not need to read the novel before the lessons. However, students will need to do some reading outside of tutorials during the term. Purchasing the novel is recommended and the abridged version is available as an ebook from Amazon.
  • Feedback and support – Students will receive live feedback on written work during tutorials using Google Classrooms. It is useful to have a Google account that they can use for this purpose
  • Homework – Optional homework opportunities provided.