Term 5: Wave properties


  • Term Five – 6 tutorials
  • Upper KS3 Physics
  • Tuesdays
  • 10:30-11:20 UK time

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Physics is a fascinating subject exploring the laws that govern everything in the universe, from pollen grains to black holes. Think forces, electricity, magnets and waves…


  • Tutorials – the live, small-group tutorials involve the tutor guiding learners through engaging content guaranteed to progress learning inline with the national curriculum
  • Interactive – through careful questioning students are able to engage with the tutor (and each other) by speaking, writing or non-verbally (body language)
  • Assessment – a fun, optional, end of lesson quiz ensures all students can get some immediate feedback on their learning. All students are encouraged to develop literacy and understanding by working through their own KS3 workbooks in between lessons
  • Homework – resources links at the top of the quiz ensure students can review their learning and take it deeper if they would like to

Upper KS3 Physics – Wave properties (Tuesdays 10:30-11.20am UK time)

Week 1 – The electromagnetic spectrum

Week 2 – Radio, microwave and infra-red

Week 3 – Ultra-violet, X-rays and gamma radiation

Week 4 – Sound waves

Week 5 – Reflection, absorption and transmission

Week 6 – Earthquakes, tsunamis etc

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