Term 5: Sherlock Holmes (Group 2)


  • Term Five – 6 tutorials
  • Middle KS3 Reading
  • Group 2: Wednesdays
  • 11:00-11:50 UK time

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Reading Course Term 5: Sherlock

What better way to study pre-1900s literature (as per the National Curriculum) than by dusting off our detective skills and attempting to solve two brilliant Sherlock Holmes cases. Students not only try to crack the case, but also learn to navigate language that is less familiar than our modern vernacular. Examining the deliberate structural choices and carefully placed clues, we learn how writers can choose to give and withhold information to create mystery in a story, and how certain techniques can be used to reliably create tension when it’s needed.

  • Tutorials – The tutorials are a blend of the tutor reading aloud, discussions about the novel and written work
  • Reading requirements – We will read the stories in the tutorials together, but students may wish to re-read parts outside of tutorials. Texts provided in tutorials
  • Feedback and support – Students will receive live feedback on written work during tutorials using Google Classrooms. It is useful to have a Google account that they can use for this purpose
  • Homework – Optional homework opportunities provided.