Term 4: Non-fiction (Group 1)


  • Term Four – 6 tutorials
  • Upper KS3 Reading
  • Group 1: Mondays
  • 11:00-11:50 UK time

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Reading Course Term 4: Non-Fiction Texts

In this term, we cover a range of non-fiction texts such as articles, speeches, letters and more to broaden students’ understanding of how language is used in a variety of contexts. We practice applying our analytical skills to these texts, which helps lay the groundwork for GCSE Language study where students will be expected to analyse unseen texts confidently.

These tutorials are a blend of direct teaching, group discussion and individual work. Students will receive live feedback on their work in tutorials.

  • Tutorials – The tutorials are a blend of the tutor reading aloud, discussions about the novel and written work
  • Reading requirements – Students do not need to read the texts before the tutorials. Texts will be provided in tutorials
  • Feedback and support – Students will receive live feedback on written work during tutorials using Google Classrooms. It is useful to have a Google account that they can use for this purpose
  • Homework – Optional homework opportunities provided.