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IGCSE Biology revision day 1

Tues 2 April

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This ticket gives your child access to a full day of live and interactive GCSE Biology revision. The sessions will be taught informally on bitpaper allowing for novel links to be made between many areas of Biology – this is particularly important for the types of question that appear on Paper 2.

Cameras will be enabled for those that wish to use them, as will microphones and the chat function.

The day will be focused on four key areas of Edexcel’s IGCSE Biology specification (which will also apply to most other specifications). An indication of content to be covered is below but the sessions will adapt to questions raised by students in the group so exact content may vary.

Each ticket enables the student to come and go as they please ie they could attend sessions 1, 2, 4 and 5 if they had other commitments during session 3. Please make sure the student’s Zoom name matches that on the purchased ticket to ensure access. Tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Schedule (all UK times):

Session 1: 10-10.45am Exam explainer and intro to Biology: Brief explanation of how the exams work, top tips on exam technique, variety of life, Kingdoms, Cells, Molecular movement (Osmosis, diffusion and active transport) (Units: 1, 2a, b, d)

Session 2: 11-11.45am Humans: Gas exchange (breathing), circulatory system, vaccines, kidneys (Units 2g, h, 2i)

Session 3: 1-1.45pm Plants: Photosynthesis, minerals, gas exchange, transport, response to stimuli, reproduction (Units: 2e, g, h, j, 3a)

Session 4: 2-2.45pm Genetics: Structure of DNA, transcription and translation, alleles, genetic crosses, mitosis and meiosis (Unit 3b)

Session 5: 2.45-3.15pm Q&A: Opportunity to ask about any particular area of the course

At least 5 students are required to enrol for this revision day to proceed. If these numbers are not obtained then a full-refund will be issued before the revision day. If you’ve any questions do get in touch. Or if the day is of interest but the date doesn’t work please let me know as I may be able to run this day again or run additional ones covering other topic areas.

Your Tutor

Tutor Andy

Andy Milson BSc, PGCE

Andy is a qualified and experienced science teacher who has worked as both a secondary school teacher and a private tutor since 2009. He has also worked in research for the NHS and in CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services). Andy’s love of science started as a child when he used to create fact files about plants and animals. Andy is interested in all types of science from Astronomy to Zoology and likes to help his students link their learning to everyday life. Andy is a co-founder of Tutor Led Learning.

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We treat all members of our community with respect and expect our students to do the same. We will not tolerate any abusive language or behaviour towards either students or tutors and we may remove students who behave inappropriately from any lesson without warning or refund.

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