Term 2: Review Writing (Group 2)


  • Term Two – 6 tutorials
  • Lower KS3 Writing
  • Group 2: Thursdays
  • 09:30-10:20 UK time

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Writing Course Term 2: Review Writing

In this term we become professional restaurant critics, so move over Jay Rayner! By inventing our own good and bad restaurants, we create in-depth reviews that let our readers know just how brilliant or terrible these restaurants are. We analyse examples in detail and re-create the style and tone in our own writing.

Expect plenty of silly similes and messy metaphors in the finished articles!

  • Tutorials – The tutorials are a blend of direct teaching, group discussion of extracts and model writing, and writing practice with live feedback from the tutor
  • Writing requirements – Students need to write during the lessons using online worksheets. Students write at their own pace and receive guidance and encouragement along the way.
  • Feedback and support – Students will receive live feedback on written work during tutorials using Google Classrooms. It is useful to have a Google account that they can use for this purpose
  • Homework – Optional homework opportunities provided.