IGCSE English Language: Edexcel Spec B (Group 1) (Brody)



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IGCSE English Language: Edexcel Spec B (Group 1)

This two year programme of approximately 12 six-week terms (one hour a week) will cover Edexcel’s English Language IGCSE (Spec B) for examination in summer 2024. The course is taught to a small group of 4-6 students; a fantastic way for the tutor to get to know each student and for students to get to know and learn from each other.

Live, interactive, online lessons draw on a wide variety of interesting and engaging texts to bring the course to life and creative and formal writing tasks give the students opportunities to express their creativity

Tutor Dave has over six years experience of teaching English Language and English Literature GCSEs in schools and with home-educated students.

Students will be encouraged to interact with the tutor and each other in order to further their understanding of the course and content covered. To facilitate interaction and enjoyment the use of student cameras is required. Google Classrooms will be used by students during the lessons and also to set and mark homework. Lessons will not be recorded, but students will be assisted in catching up should they miss a lesson.

KS4 Tutorials will contain no more than 6 students per class. Small groups enable tutors to get to know individual students, tailor teaching to meet group needs and create maximum opportunities for interaction and, crucially, feedback on students’ work, which is essential for students to progress in a skills-based subject such as English.

Lessons must be purchased in advance via the termly ticket options on this page.

KS4 GCSE Tutorials

These tutorials are for students who are ready to start their journey towards a GCSE in English Language. Students should already have a good foundation in English Language and be comfortable with subject specific terminology, reading a range of non-fiction texts and commenting on writer’s methods, and be able to write creatively for sustained periods. These lessons build on these skills and are not aimed at developing them from scratch. Please take a look at our KS3 English tutorials if you think they may be more suitable.

If you are unsure if your child is ready to start a GCSE, Tutor Dave is more than happy to chat with you about what is best – just get in touch!

Your Tutor

David Martin MA, PGCE

I have been working with HomeEd families since 2018 and haven’t looked back! I studied a wide range of subjects at university including English, Creative Writing, Philosophy and History, and love being able to explore these topics with our students. Having ran a mental health training company, I believe student wellbeing is one of the most important factors for helping children succeed. I’m also interested in mechanics, music and all sorts of literature.

Joining tutorials is easy…

Step 1: After checkout look out for the ‘download’ link on screen and open it to access your ticket*

Step 2: 5-10 minutes before the start of the tutorial click on the Zoom link to access the class (please ensure the Zoom name matches that of your child or the purchaser of the ticket)

We strongly recommend downloading and testing out Zoom before using it for the tutorial. Your child is advised to use a computer, laptop or tablet to access the tutorial rather than a phone.

*You can also access your purchased download links via the automated email you were sent at checkout (check your junk/spam if you can’t find it) OR you can log into your Tutor Led Learning account and go to your downloads section.

It’s important to be nice…

We treat all members of our community with respect and expect our students to do the same. We will not tolerate any abusive language or behaviour towards either students or tutors and we may remove students who behave inappropriately from any lesson without warning or refund.