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Discovery Pack: Climate

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About Course

👋 Hello and welcome!! 

This interactive Discovery Pack on Climate is a great way to introduce enquiring minds to this increasingly important topic. There’s so much misinformation around that it can be difficult to know where to start when faced with questions like: What is climate change? What is causing it? Am I making it worse? What will the future be like? How will it affect me? What can we do about it?

This carefully curated Discovery Pack has been professionally prepared by an experienced and qualified subject specialist. By focussing on evidence based science learners will be able to independently explore the topic before making up their own minds about further learning or other action. Lessons are based on the UK’s National Curriculum for Science with additional learning to broaden and expand interests… as is the Home Ed way! 

The Discovery Pack comprises six engaging lessons, each of which guides learners on a journey through a curated selection of the best online resources, which they can explore at their own pace. With this newly discovered knowledge, learners use differentiated worksheets to help them organise their thinking and extend their understanding via evaluation and analysis. Learners can then use answersheets to independently check their comprehension; also a useful opportunity for parents/carers to get involved if they would like. Self-marking quizzes provide quick spot checks and motivational boosts.

The Pack is likely to suit learners aged approximately 11-16 as tasks start around England and Wales’ Key Stage 3 (KS3) level of learning and progress into Key Stage 4 (KS4/GCSE) concepts. The lessons follow the structure of our 6-week live tutorials on Climate. The Discovery Pack could be completed before the tutorials, alongside the tutorials, after the tutorials or completely independently of the tutorials if preferred.

Wherever you are in the world, whatever your child’s goals and ambitions, thank you for choosing to work with us. We hope your child enjoys studying this topic as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it.

Be Different, Together.

Andy Milson BSc, PGCE

Science tutor and co-founder of Tutor Led Learning

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What Will You Learn?

  • The incredible journey carbon makes between living (biotic) and non-living (abiotic) systems
  • How different gases impact on our shared atmosphere
  • From jungles to ice caps - the amazing variety of ways scientists are measuring climate change
  • Small changes you can make to help join the fight against global warming
  • The awesome work global organisations are doing to reduce the impact of climate change
  • ...and much more!

Course Content

Welcome to Discovery Pack: Climate

Lesson 1: The Carbon Cycle
1.List ways carbon moves around the environment 2.Describe how human activity is increasing carbon in the atmosphere 3.Explain how humans can decrease the amount of carbon in the atmosphere

Lesson 2: Greenhouse Gases
1. List the main greenhouse gases 2. Describe the main sources of greenhouse gases 3. Suggest how we can reduce emissions of greenhouse gases

Lesson 3: Measuring Climate Change
1.List observations scientists make to measure climate change 2.Describe why measuring climate change is difficult 3.Explain why there is often uncertainty about climate change data

Lesson 4: The Effects of Climate Change
1.List ways climate change is already affecting where you live 2.Explain what might happen as the Earth continues to heat up 3.Evaluate different sources for reliable information about climate change

Lesson 5: Global Action
1. Explain what the Paris Agreement on Climate Change is 2. Describe why the Paris Agreement on Climate Change is important 3. Argue whether richer countries should or should not pay more to poorer countries to help them prepare for climate change

Lesson 6: Individual Action
1. List different activities individuals can undertake to reduce carbon emissions 2. Suggest why some people are reluctant to change their behaviour to reduce their carbon emissions 3. Evaluate the potential impact of different lifestyle choices on reducing personal carbon emissions

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2 years ago
I really enjoyed learning about how I can help the environment and why climate change is happening. I liked the quizzes at the end and tested my mum on some new things. Thank you Tutor Andy :)
2 years ago
Really interesting. I learnt a lot about climate change and why it is happening as well as some good things to do to help. Thank you!