About Us

We will create a better world by delivering high quality online lessons which connect families learning at home

We believe education should be a life-long process

Tutor Led Learning is a social enterprise formed to support parents/carers educating at home. Founders Andy and Dave both left secondary teaching in 2017 to establish independent private tuition businesses and were soon welcomed into their local Home Ed communities. 

Despite formal teacher training and years in the classroom they found there was still a lot to learn about the process of deschooling, setting expectations, managing motivations and putting each child’s unique set of interests and passions at the centre of their own education programme. 

Tutor Led Learning is here to share that learning and help parents/carers succeed in one of the most important decisions they will ever make. 

Tutor Led Learning is based on a simple philosophy that education should be a life-long process which happens best when we feel safe, secure and able to follow the interests and passions which make each and every one of us unique.

Our Approach

Teach to inspire

To be able to learn we need to feel safe and secure, respected and to have the freedom to follow our own unique interests, skills and talents. Learning should excite and motivate us. Too often, sadly, this is not a young person’s experience of education.

We want to change that.

We want to ensure that the joy of learning is increased, not diminished by our lessons, and that students feel confident enough to take their learning further of their own accord.
At the heart of all Tutor Led Learning lessons is:

  • Praise and encouragement
  • Passionate teaching from motivated subject specialists
  • Modelling of how to develop independent learning skills
  • Advice on how to extend learning by using the best available online/other resources

Our Philosophy

Learning is the most important thing we can do

The founders of Tutor Led Learning have worked in primary and secondary schools in Japan, Spain and the UK for over 14 years. We know that most schools do an incredible job with the very limited resources they have. Teachers work exceptionally hard to educate and motivate the extremely diverse young people they interact with every day. 

For some families schools are the best option. They find that the routine, the quality of teaching and the overall level of service is exactly what they are looking for. Sometimes work and/or family commitments mean school is the only realistic option.

However, one size does not fit all. 

Increasing numbers of parents/carers are finding that school simply does not suit their children and they are reorganising their lifestyles to find a better way. 

There is a strong and confident tradition of home schooling in the UK which is becoming ever more popular given justifiable concerns about the safety of schools in our Covid-19 world. Over the last few years we have successfully transitioned out of the classroom, become part of local home education communities and are now delivering high-quality, engaging lessons online. 

We want to share our learning. We want to create a community of tutors, parents/carers and children all focussed on supporting each other and nurturing the next generation.

Tutor Led Learning has been formed to make the world a better place. We hope you’ll join us.

Andy & Dave