Science Discovery Pack: Climate


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Thank you for checking out our first ever Discovery Pack. We hope the Discovery Packs (with your feedback!) will develop into some truly useful, affordable, resources to extend learning beyond that which happens in our live tutorials.

The Discovery Packs can be completed before the live tutorials, after them or completely independently of them – whatever works best for your child.

Each Discovery Pack will contain six interactive lessons mirroring the way we structure our live tutorials. The Discovery Packs will guide your child to some of the best available online resources and give them chance to check their knowledge and understanding through worksheets and answer sheets.

For now we are offering the first two lessons in the Climate Discovery Pack for free. If you/your child are able to give us some feedback then we will grant you free access to the remaining four lessons as a thank you.

The Discovery Packs are hosted on Google Classroom, you will need a Google Account to access them. If you do not have a Google Account they are free and easy to create (you will already have one if you use Gmail).

Thank you for your interest in this new development at Tutor Led Learning.

Best wishes

Tutor Andy and Tutor Dave

PS Please note the Discovery Packs contain links to third party resources (which may contain advertising) and although these are carefully selected they can change without notice. If you have any concerns about this please view the resources before sharing with your child.