“Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic” 

Albus Dumbledore, Former Hogwarts Headmaster


At KS3 level, lessons focus on covering a range of reading and writing topics to inspire a love of English and to help students lay the foundations for later study. Topics range from gothic literature to persuasive writing and everything else in between.


In KS4 lessons, learners engage with topics more deeply to prepare for GCSE study. A range of prose and poetry is discussed and analysed. Learners are shown how to build on and improve their creative and non-fiction writing.


At Explorer level, English lessons focus on developing a love of stories, poems and non-fiction. Learners develop their creative writing abilities and are encouraged to read and write for pleasure.


More than just Shakespeare and Shelley...

Ok, it is of course true that we should study some of the great works of literature, but sometimes we get so caught up with this that we forget what English is really for.

It’s about communication.

Communication of our thoughts, feelings and desires. Of the complex, intangible, fleeting ideas in our minds that, with effort, we can set down in black and white and share with others.

It’s about joy.

The joy of discovering a new author. The joy of reading a poem that forever changes how we see the world. The joy of staying up past bedtime to read by torchlight under the covers.

It’s about expression.

It’s being able to say what you want to say clearly and with calm confidence. It’s reaching into the deep pool of emotions swirling within us and describing what we find beneath the surface.

English is more than the hours spent hearing about the iambic pentameter in Romeo and Juliet, and even Shakespeare himself would agree.

Yes we need to know the details, but let’s never lose sight of why they matter.

Just one more chapter...
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