Lower KS3 Creative Writing: Mystery



6 tutorials starting 13 June

13:00 – 13.50 UK time

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This term, our theme is Mystery writing!

Using prompts, examples, and live writing and feedback, these fun and interactive Tutorials develop Lower KS3 English writing skills and give learners the confidence to unleash their inner creativity!

A few words about Creative Writing…

Creative writing lessons are often referred to as ‘workshops’, but I suspect we rarely pause to wonder why.

Well, picture a workshop. What tools do you see hanging on the board behind the workbench? A hammer, I bet. Maybe spanners and screwdrivers too. Possibly a few loose nails here and there, some scrappy off-cuts of wood lying on the bench, and maybe something (yet to be completed) held tightly in the vice while the glue dries. There are more tools lurking in drawers and finished projects perching upon shelves. There is a sense of calm here. A sense of possibility and opportunity. Of objects as yet unmade, but soon to be crafted into existence.

But what of the writer’s workshop? If we could make the tools of good writing real objects, what would a creative writing workshop look like? What tools would be hanging behind that workbench? A simile, some plot… maybe bits of alliteration left scattered across the bench? These are the tools and materials of the creative writer (amongst others, which are carefully stored away ready for use at a moment’s notice), and with these we can craft incredible writing. In this workshop, too, there is a sense of possibility. Of opportunity. Of things as yet unmade…

In these lessons, we will focus on acquiring new tools, sharpening old ones and developing the skills to use them effectively. We will focus our writing on certain themes, but students will be encouraged to follow their interests and write whatever is most engaging to them at the time – sometimes fiction has a life of its own…

An expert tutor will be on hand to guide and give feedback in real-time, so students can be sure they will be supported and encouraged – creative writing, after all, can be a scary thing to do!

Your Tutor

Tutor Dave
Tutor Dave (MA, PGCE)

I have been working with HomeEd families since 2018 and haven’t looked back! I studied a wide range of subjects at university including English, Creative Writing, Philosophy and History, and love being able to explore these topics with our students. Having ran a mental health training company, I believe student wellbeing is one of the most important factors for helping children succeed. I’m also interested in mechanics, music and all sorts of literature.

Lower KS3

Lower KS3 English lessons are for students who might not have had much formal English education beyond primary school level. They might benefit from this more introductory experience to analysing and writing texts that these lessons provide. A typical age range might be 10-12, though other ages are very welcome. Students can switch to Upper KS3 English lessons if they feel ready (space permitting).


  • Tutorials will contain no more than 10 students per class. Small groups enable tutors to get to know individual students, tailor teaching to meet group needs and create maximum opportunities for interaction and engagement via cameras, microphones, chat, polls and quizzes (all are optional).
  • Tutors are available online 10 minute before the advertised start time of the lesson. This is a great time to get to know each other, review last week’s learning or have specific questions answered. Students completing all lessons in a topic will receive a certificate congratulating them on their work – these can be useful if evidence is required for schools or local authorities.

How to Join

Joining lessons is easy:

  1. Find the ticket we emailed you for this lesson (check spam/junk if you can’t find it)
  2. Click the Zoom* link in the ticket and join the lesson!

*We strongly recommend downloading and testing out Zoom before using it for the lesson. Your child is advised to use a computer, laptop or tablet to access the lesson. Some tutors may encourage the use of cameras and microphones but it will always be optional.

It’s important to be nice…

We treat all members of our community with respect and expect our students to do the same. We will not tolerate any abusive language or behaviour towards either students or tutors and we may remove students who behave inappropriately from any lesson without warning.

Please note:

  1. Lesson titles are a guide only, exact content may vary (lessons aren’t all written at the time of posting and are tailored to suit a specific group).
  2. Please ensure the Zoom name of the learner matches that entered on the ticket below. Their Zoom name is their ‘password’ to enter the lesson. Incorrectly named students may not be admitted to the lesson.
  3. Learners are advised to join the Zoom room at least 10 minutes before the start of the lesson. Assistance with IT difficulties is not possible once the lesson has started.
  4. Ticket sales will end at least one hour before the lesson is due to start.