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Astronomy for KS3

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In this KS2/3 Astronomy topic students will begin to explore how our days, months and seasons are related to the Earth’s path around the Sun, key features of the Moon and travel further into the solar system and beyond!

This topic follows part of the KS3 National Curriculum and could lead into both GCSE Physics and GCSE Astronomy.

Lesson 1 (22nd Jan): Time – learn how the movement of the Earth around the Sun causes our days, months, years and seasons. 

Lesson 2 (29th Jan): The Moon – learn about some key features on the Moon and how the Moon affects life on Earth.

Lesson 3 (5th Feb): The Solar System – learn the basic features of our Solar System including planets, moons, asteroids and other objects.

Lesson 4 (12th Feb): Stars and Galaxies – learn how stars are formed and how they cluster together to form different types of galaxy

Note from the tutor:

I’ve used my experience of teaching GCSE Astronomy to create this special topic to introduce some key ideas about Space. Perfect for any children interested in Space, Science or Physics. Lessons can be taken individually or as a whole topic. These lessons will include new and additional content to that featured in the free taster lessons.

These lessons are offered at £5 to make them more affordable for those with younger children. There won’t be a cap on numbers, students will still be able to interact with the tutor through written questions. 

Your Tutor

Andy Milson BSc, PGCE

Andy is a qualified and experienced science teacher who has worked as both a secondary school teacher and a private tutor since 2009. Andy’s love of science started as a child when he used to create fact files about plants and animals. Andy is interested in all types of science from Astronomy to Zoology and likes to help his students link their learning to everyday life. Andy is a co-founder of Tutor Led Learning.

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