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Welcome to Discovery Pack: Climate
Lesson 1: The Carbon Cycle
1.List ways carbon moves around the environment 2.Describe how human activity is increasing carbon in the atmosphere 3.Explain how humans can decrease the amount of carbon in the atmosphere
Lesson 2: Greenhouse Gases
1. List the main greenhouse gases 2. Describe the main sources of greenhouse gases 3. Suggest how we can reduce emissions of greenhouse gases
Lesson 3: Measuring Climate Change
1.List observations scientists make to measure climate change 2.Describe why measuring climate change is difficult 3.Explain why there is often uncertainty about climate change data
Lesson 4: The Effects of Climate Change
1.List ways climate change is already affecting where you live 2.Explain what might happen as the Earth continues to heat up 3.Evaluate different sources for reliable information about climate change
Lesson 5: Global Action
1. Explain what the Paris Agreement on Climate Change is 2. Describe why the Paris Agreement on Climate Change is important 3. Argue whether richer countries should or should not pay more to poorer countries to help them prepare for climate change
Lesson 6: Individual Action
1. List different activities individuals can undertake to reduce carbon emissions 2. Suggest why some people are reluctant to change their behaviour to reduce their carbon emissions 3. Evaluate the potential impact of different lifestyle choices on reducing personal carbon emissions
Discovery Pack: Climate
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How amazing that you want to learn more about Climate. On behalf of all the plants and animals and fungi and citizens of Earth I say THANK YOU!! 😀


It’s really important as many people as possible learn about Climate and that includes you. You are a human right? It doesn’t really matter if you aren’t, you can still learn more and perhaps get involved in sharing what you know with your friends and family. Who knows, maybe this topic will inspire you to work in this area in the future. BRILLIANT!


This Discovery Pack is made up of 6 lessons which will guide you through this topic. Each lesson has a range of tasks and activities for you to do. You can do them all or just some of them, it’s up to you. You’re probably best doing them in order #1 to #6 but if you prefer another order then go for it.


All the links were working when I set this up but sometimes things change or break so just tell your parent/carer if anything isn’t working and hopefully they’ll let us know so we can fix it.


If you like what I’ve created for you why not check out our other TLL Discovery Packs or maybe sign up to one of our live tutorials? It would be great to meet you (if I haven’t already!) and hear what you think about this topic.


Thanks again, have fun exploring this fabulous topic 🙂


Tutor Andy 🧪
Science tutor, nerd and co-founder of Tutor Led Learning

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