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Chapter 1: The Invitation
Start your story by writing about a retired detective who receives a mysterious invitation to a holiday home out in the middle of nowhere...
Chapter 2: The Village
The detective arrives in a village. It certainly doesn't seem like the sort of place for a holiday. And the locals don't look too pleased that they are here...
Chapter 3: The Investigation Begins
The detective begins looking for clues, but only becomes more confused. A disturbance in the night might provide some answers...
Chapter 4: In the Darkness
The detective follows something horrifying through the darkness and makes a chilling discovery...
Chapter 5: The Terrible Truth
The detective, shocked by what they have discovered, tries to make an escape. Sadly, someone has other plans for them...
Chapter 6: Escape or Capture? You Decide!
Does the detective make it out alive? You're the writer, so you decide!
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