Parents and students have fallen for us hook, line and sinker… (*groan*)

“…boosted his confidence.”

I Just wanted to say how much my son’s lessons with David have boosted his confidence. He used to seriously doubt himself. Now he believes he is capable. He even looks forward to English now! Thank you so much 🙂

Lindsay W

“…encouraging and engaging”

I am particularly taken with the way that David listens to the children contributions via zoom, the chat link and within the google document, and comments on them with privately to correct or adjust or within the group to validate or acknowledge the child’s creativity and ideas.  The sessions cover a lot without feeling time pressured.  The sessions are encouraging and engaging with a focus on learning and questioning rather than cramming for assessment.  As a home educating parent it is important to me that my child learns in a way where they feel they are an active participant and their isn’t a focus on what is right or wrong.  The way the children are discussion an article or a book is broad enough to allow different abilities there is no pressure to read to the whole class or to answer direct questions which suits shyer or dyslexic children.  David seems to really enjoy teaching the classes which my daughter, for one has noted and commented on.  She was resistant to take part in English classes but looks forward to sessions with David and I can see the spark of a love of English being ignited in her session by session.

Kate R (on English)

“…education is about the love of learning”

My daughter and niece, who both have radically different learning styles, have just started science sessions with Andy.  They are both loving them with equal measure.  They are enjoying Andy’s laid back yet enthusiastic style and are not feeling any pressure contribute beyond what they feel comfortable with, so consequently they are fully engaged.  Andy understands that home education is about the love of learning and is creating a safe space for those who are just starting out with a more formal way of learning. My unschooled daughter is taking to his classes because they are interesting but also because of the teachers keenness to teach them.


Kate R (on Science)

“It’s fantastic to see him so enthusiastic…”

I just wanted to let you know that they were absolutely delighted at how close they had got at their conclusion to the speckled band. He was sat waiting for his lesson last week and for your link to come through desperate to find out the end of the story.  He worked really hard on his conclusion and spent most of Tuesday on it.  It’s fantastic to see him enthusiastic about an English lesson as he has always seen them as something to almost be fearful of. It certainly helped that the subject matter touched on his favourite and specialist subject animals (the more exotic the better.)
I just thought you’d like to know how positive and proud last week’s lesson had made him feel. I was astounded how close he had got to the answer!
Home schooling is definitely working out well for him. Both his science and maths teachers says he is a natural at spotting the connections between things and the fact he was so enthusiastic about his English last week is fantastic.
Just wanted to say thank you and let you know how pleased I am with how his English lessons are going.

Julia D